The company has an extensive Research and Development programme, designing, testing and manufacturing bespoke products and systems to provide solutions to problems in today's construction world. working in two specific fields:


1) Designing products and systems to enable construction projects to be undertaken on brownfield and contaminated sites. We are a major sponsor and sit on the committee of Ciria, the government-backed organisation for developing and setting standards.

2) Designing products and systems to find solutions to the treatment of urban flooding created by climate change and introducing, developing and manufacturing further systems to clean stormwater run-off and stormwater recycling systems. We are a major sponsor and sit on the committee of Ciria as above, but the arm dealing with stromwater control systems and their structural capability. We are at the forefront of setting Euopean and world testing procedures and standrads for these products.

Recent Projects:

1. North West Fire Stations - Stormwater run-off collection, filtration and re-use.

2. Wastre recyling centres - The design and installation of gas migration systems, collection and re-use of methane to help power the plant ongoing

3. PFI Schools projects - The design and installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems adopted as part of the Educational Environmental Curriculum

4. Manchester City FC Academies programme - Collection, storage and re-use of rainwater to irrigate all sports pitches. The presence of exxtreme chemical contamination in the ground had to be overcome and negated.

5.  Construction of major developments on contaminated and gassing sites - sytems developed and installed to make the construction viable and safe.