Specialist Geo-Environmental Engineering Systems

Our Products
  • Water Re-use Systems - Design, supply and installation of grey water systems including porous paving collection, storage, soakaways and transport.
  • Leachate Re-circulation - Design, supply and install re-circulation systems to allow leachate to wet upper parts of landfill mass and accelerate 'bio-reactor' degradation.
  • Barrier Trenches - Design, supply and installation of cut-off, barrier, venting and combination trenches to 8m deep. Trenches are used for water, leachate and gas control, for incorporation into and around landfills, around water sites and buildings and within saline, leachate and contaminated conditions.
  • Design, supply and install specialist systems for site compliance with Sustainable Drainage requirements including PPG25
  • Total Stormwater Control Systems to meet Zero discharge criteria.
  • Direct Infiltration and Treatment Systems for road run-off including major highway works. Including passive treatment systems for both new and refurbishment.

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